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cucumber dicing machine Food Processing equipment Razorfish

kiwifruit slicing equipment
radish shredding dicing equipment
strawberry slicing machine
lemon cutting machine
pumpkin slicing machine
parsley cutting machine
ginger peeling shredding machine
Cauliflower cutting machine
apple dicing slicing equipment
carrot washing peeling dicing machine
eggplant slicing equipment
potato Washing Peeling dicign machine
taro washing peeling slicing dicing machine
yam peeling slicing equipment

Razorfish Solutions is the leading manufacturer for the catering,
convenience, delicatessen and food industry.

Our strength is the fruit vegetable and salad processing machines.
We develop and produce single and special machines as well as complete processing lines
for preparing washing peeling dicing shredding slicing and cutting
Our quality and our consulting competence are appreciated world-wide.

https://youtu. be/XYBO94cnX1w
https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=26GssaveuDo&feature=youtu. be
https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=wtlhYAiAG94&feature=youtu. be

www. razorfishsolutions. com. hk

baofeng. razorfishsolutions. com. hk

foodmachine. razorfishsolutions. com. hk

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