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It is a pleasure writing to you to present our latest equipment DAHECO Destroyer of hypodermic nedles, definitive way to eliminate risks of contamination by hypodermic needles, tatto needles the hooded, featuring an absolute guarantee, preventing the spread of deseases and infections and providing safety. It's operation is very simple, just enter the needle on your in the equipment, without removing the syringe, leving in TWO SECONDS totally desintegrated by passing an electric current of low voltage high intensity but the result being that the balance is completely sterilize. In order to prevent infections, it's essential to consider the total destruction of the sharp cutting elements in place of their use, this results in a significant increase in the safety of all personnel is linked in the process of handling, transport and final disposition thereof. Hypodermic Needle Destroyer DAHECO, acts as an effective barrier against accidents when working with sharps high biological risk, it becomes a hypodermic neddle in carbon residue free of pathogens, as its incineration chamber melts the neddles at more than 1500 degrees centigrades. Hypodermic Needle Destroyer DAHECO, is designed to prevent transmission of infectious deseases (AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, etc.) caused by accidents almost always unintentional.

Estados Unidos  (oferta, venta)   US$ 280.00     (511)999080939