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Sodium Cyanide 99.555% Purity

We offer our clients superior range of Sodium Cyanide which is known for its effectiveness in varied industrial applications and are available in both powder and cylindrical tablets forms. Each of our tablets weighs 100 gms and is white in color.


Specific gravity at 20 deg. c: 1.546
Solubility at 0 deg. c. gm/100 gm: 43.4
Solubility at 35 deg. c. gm/100 gm: 82.0
Sodium cyanide (nacn): 98% min
Sodium formate (hcoona): 0.5% max
Sodium hydroxide (naoh): 0.5% max
Sodium carbonate (na2co3): 0.3% max
Sodium chloride as cl: 0.05% max
Water (h2o): 0.2% max
Insoluble residue: 0.05% max

We are Pioneer and the biggest Importer and Exporter of All Electroplating Chemicals and Metals. We can supply Sodium Cyanide, Potassium Cyanide, Copper Cyanide and Zinc Cyanide of the Best Quality.
We can supply NaCN as;

Grade: Technical Grade 98.0%


Sodium Cyanide has applied to the various uses such as an industrial chemicals for gold extraction, electroplating, production of metallic cyanides for electroplating, an intermediating for other chemicals, and production of hydrocyanic acid for organic synthesis.

Packing: packed in 50kg steel barrels (lined with high-pressure polythene bag)

System Specifications
NaCN > 98%
NaOH < 0.5%
Na2CO3 < 0.5%
H2O < 0.5%
Water Unsoluble < 0.05%

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