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ISBN: 9783822864050
Edición trilingüe Inglés / Francés / AlemánThe arrival of the future - bold, modular, patterned and syntheticIn 1893, as design progressed towards the 20th century, a specialist publication the 'Studio Magazine' was founded focusing on innovative fine and decorative art. In 1906 it produced its first 'Decorative Art Yearbook'; its last in 1980. These Yearbooks became invaluable sources of inspiration for designers, as well as comprehensively tracing the history of the many fields covered - architecture, interior design, furniture, ceramics, metalware and glass design.These TASCHEN reprints have carefully reproduced the original layouts, selecting the key pages from each year and grouping the disciplines, providing the professional and the enthusiast with an essential overview of trends and styles in each decade.The Sixties was a decade of unprecedented social, sexual and political change and all these restless energies found their way into the design of the times. Liberation was in the air, men were rushing to the moon and the sky was the limit as far as visual creativity was concerned. The concept of lifestyle really came into its own, and although the early years of the decade still saw a rivalry between the well-crafted object and industrial manufacture, by its end design was of course truly international, and both 'ethnic' and pop iconography had entered the aesthetic.The future had arrived - bold, modular, patterned and synthetic. Light was also predominant in shaping interiors. Freedom of choice and personal expression were the buzzwords for the young consumer, and so the likes of Pasmore, Panton, Safdie, Sottsass, Paolozzi and Lomazzi did what they could to oblige. Sensory, formally innovative and individualistic, a huge shift had taken place.