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ISBN: 9781999721121
Sometimes the simplest of choices can have the most devastating of consequences. , Sometimes falling in love can be a curse. Sometimes being the hard man is the hardest job. Hungary, 1949. George, Eva and Zoltan. Three people trying to live by the rules within a system that demands total obedience. George, a rising star of Hungarian football, is told to throw a game. Faced with an impossible dilemma, George has to decide &ndash, to risk everything to fulfil his dream or, for the sake of his future, obey the rules. Eva, reeling from the tragedy of losing her baby, Anastasia, falls in love at a time when love is fraught with danger. Zoltan works for the secret police where having a heart is a sign of weakness. A torn man trying to suppress the good within him, his job takes him further and further from the things he values most. Seven years later, in 1956, their destinies collide as Hungary erupts into revolution. Secrets can no longer be hidden as loyalties are pushed to the limit. Set against the violent backdrop of suppression and revolution, ,Anastasia ,is a tale of people caught in the machinations of history, where the choices you make determine your fate. And at the heart of the novel, the unseen presence of Anastasia. &ldquo,Characters come alive -- you get into their heads. They are empathetic or cruel and heartless, but always interesting. There is the dark side of human nature as well as its opposite.&rdquo, &ldquo,Skilfully developed with a suspenseful plot which keeps the story moving.&rdquo, &ldquo,The characters are very human, and the descriptions of these tragic events make for an excellent read.&rdquo, &ldquo,Impactful. Heart-wrenching. An important read.&rdquo, Rupert Colley is the founder, editor and writer of th