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ISBN: 9781948871051
Long before Germany rounded up Romani and sent them to prison camps, the Netherlands declared them undesirables. Yara&rsquo,s caravan disbanded to avoid being driven out of the country, and she&rsquo,s been alone ever since hiding in caves and abandoned buildings.Stewart conceals his identity for the best of reasons. He&rsquo,s not actually Romani, even though he&rsquo,s been a caravan leader for many years. In a bold and desperate move, he joins a small band of shifters to fight the Reich&rsquo,s chokehold on Europe.Yara senses Romani near her cave. The stench of vampire comes through loud and clear too, along with shifters. Another type of magic plucks at her, and curiosity draws her from her hiding place. Stewart&rsquo,s raw masculinity and savage presence steal her breath, but she could still turn tail and run. If she reveals herself, it doesn&rsquo,t require magic to recognize her life will change forever. ,_,