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ISBN: 9781904369981
Pelvic Floor Disorders DVD-Rom is an invaluable reference tool, giving you an extensive look into the anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor. View clear, detailed and accurate 3D modeling of the key anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor. Choose from comprehensive labeled views of the pelvis, muscles of the pelvic floor, reproductive system, urinary and digestive systems, bone regions, surface markings, neurology including the lumbar plexus and sacral and coccygeal plexuses, and the autonomic nervous system. Interactive functions allow you to add or remove layers and rotate and label any structure with the click of your mouse. The disc includes an extensive clinical section covering diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of common pelvic floor disorders plus a dedicated education section with printable information sheets. Benefits Make diagnosis easier – Diagnosis and treatment of these conditions is typically very difficult – knowing the anatomy and their function better will help in assisting accurate diagnosis Give yourself the edge – this software is unique - there are very few digital resources available for pelvic floor disorders, making it an invaluable reference tool! View relevant anatomy in a new perspective through interactive and 3D modeling- interactive functions allow you to rotate the 3D models through 360 degrees and add or remove layers of anatomy to view and label any feature with ease. Quick and easy access to accurate anatomy, images and text - clicking on any visible structure will bring up relating text.