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ISBN: 9781545632376
 , ,It takes all types to make a world. Each of us is influenced by others as we often, in turn, invoke our influence upon others in return. Akelo&rsquo,s life is filled with strong characters that coax him, admonish him, guide him and beguile him. He will make mistakes. He will learn from mistakes he made that he did not know were mistakes even as he draws upon prior success to face uncertainty. He faces the challenge we all ultimately face &ndash, to decide what his life will be about and to understand what guiding principles he will adhere to in a world of violence, immorality, greed and social injustice. Who will he be? What costs must he pay? ,An affluent young collegiate Christian is forced by circumstance to come to terms with his own understanding of sexuality, morality and social barriers. He finds that love demands a sacrifice he does not understand, a choice he never expected, a reality he thought he could ignore. Deadly circumstances and violent envy threatens the lives of those he holds most dear and unfortunate events will force him to choose between trusting in his own warrior&rsquo,s will and submission to God&rsquo,s mysterious plan._,