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ISBN: 9781426997020
Marked Moments is a poetry collection focused on individuals who have facilitated historic change. These figures are often considered heroic because their attitudes, abilities, and desires have allowed them to serve as agents of transformation. Included in this collection are poems about individuals who are famous and admired for their remarkable thoughts, opinions, and actions. Among these individuals are presidents of the United States-dating back as far as Abraham Lincoln-and several of the countrys first ladies, as well as Bill Gates, Lucille Ball, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, and many others who are admired all over the world. Lattice Boykin Mckoy uses her poetic license to depict some of the performances, pursuits, thoughts, and moments of glory of these important figures. With these poems, Mckoy develops her own observations and interpretations of these individuals and their actions, which have changed the course of history and will forever live in our memories._,