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ISBN: 9780911051186
The Other Sister is a passionate, startling and, wonderfully readable novel about generations of an immigrant family during the first half of the twentieth century. Its momentum shimmers with the presence and evanescence of life's everyday and extraordinary moments. While Patricia Valdata illuminates the ways that history affects individual lives, the real star of the story is the individual. Brimming with unforgettable characters, The Other Sister is to be treasured. Kate Evans, author of Like All We Love and For the May Queen Hats off to this fascinating American story--a tribute to Hungarian immigrant women and their families, who arrived in America during the early 20th century. Buffeted on the sea of life, yet their faith and culture anchors them in their new home. Dr. August J. Molnar, President, American Hungarian Foundation The Other Sister is a vivid and richly detailed story of the immigrant experience in America. Pat Valdata follows three generations of sisters through poverty and prosperity, and lets us share their triumphs and heartbreak. It is beautiful, funny, sad and very readable. Mary Lee Bragg, author of Shooting Angels_,