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ISBN: 9780718148225
When drama students Dylan Meserve and Michaela Brand vanished no one seemed to notice. Three days later Michaela, naked and bruised, flags down a motorist on a remote mountain road. The story the young couple tells is horrifying. Abducted by a gun-wielding stranger they were bound, blindfolded and beaten. However, soon suspicions about their story take seed, particularly when a shop assistant identifies them as the couple who purchased rope identical to the one found at the crime scene - three days before their alleged abduction. When the couple finally admit the hoax, psychologist Alex Delaware is asked to evaluate Michaela who is laying all the blame at Dylan's feet. Months pass, and the case fades from public and police scrunity. Then Mikky Brand is savagely murdered. And Dylan is missing once again. Is the young man the killer, or a second victim? And why has this baffling case of cry-wolf turned into real-life violence...?