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ISBN: 9780241145593
The Victoria System is Eric Reinhardt's novel of sex, power, capitalism and deception. It is shortlisted for The Prix Renaudot, The Prix Goncourt and The Grand Prix Du Roman De L'Academie Francaise. David Kolski is in charge of the construction of a huge Paris tower block, and the pressure is crushing him. But then he meets Victoria - a high-powered and ruthless executive by day and insatiable sensualist by night. David's hard-headed new lover gives him a new sense of purpose and renewed energy, but when she offers to use her position to help him in his career, a shadow falls over their affair. Is she capable of helping anyone other than herself? And who are the men in the Audi he keeps seeing, always a few cars behind him? "Bold, arresting, accomplished, complex, sensual, sexual, intriguing, heady". (Le Monde). "An ambitious and tragic novel which weaves together sex, power games and imagination. An ultracontemporary anti-fairy tale". (Les Inrocktibles). "Finally, a sexy book by someone who appears to have actually had sex". (Dazed and Confused). Born in 1965, Eric Reinhardt is the is the author of four previous novels and a freelance publisher of art books. He lives and works in Paris. The Victoria System is his first novel to be translated into English. Sam Taylor is the English-language translator of HHhH, by Laurent Binet. He lives in France and the United States.