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ISBN: 9780198610304
Both authoritative and easy to use, this major new edition of the Compact Oxford Thesaurus offers up-to-date coverage of over 300,000 alternative and opposite words, with thousands more examples of real usage to help you identify the synonym you need. Based on the unrivalled databases of Oxford's language research programme, it provides the best selections of alternative words for you to choose from. The most useful alternative words are listed first, and the closest is highlighted for maximum accessibility, making the thesaurus quick and easy to use. Besides synonyms, the Compact Oxford Thesaurus also gives you opposites and brand-new Word Link panels to broaden your vocabulary e.g.geriatric at old. Also new to this edition are a more clear and open layout and a two-colour text design which makes the thesaurus even more accessible. In addition, the brand-new Essential English centre section gives you lots of help on improving your writing skills, and guidance to help you get the best out of the thesaurus. The Compact Oxford Thesaurus is perfect for anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary and write more effectively, as well as for word games.Its robust and durable format makes it ideal for use at home, school, and the office.