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ISBN: 9780194362443
Part of a four-level topic-based course specifically for mixed-ability classes of young teenagers who have studied English before primary level and teenage upper-intermediate materials.The course if topic-centred, with a view to achieve in genuine communication, Within each unit a central topic is approached from a variety of interesting angles, with the result that students learn about the real world and are encouraged to contribute from their own knowledge, opinions, and feelings. Plenty of pair- and group work reinforces the communicative emphasis. In an innovative “use-it-first” approach, new language is first embedded in a skills activity, and then drawn our for more formal study and practice. Also innovative is the “multi-skills” approach which means that skills are practised together within activities rather than kept separate, resulting in greater variety and more natural language use. Icons show clearly which skills are practised. Regular raps, chants, and songs provide particularly enjoyable pronunciation and listening practice in each unit. Learner training features include an emphasis on self-evaluation, vocabulary recording strategies, practical learning strategies, and regular learning tips. Strategies for mixed-ability classes are thoroughly integrated into the course with a full range of extension activities for stronger students, extra support for weaker students, graded grammar practice exercises, and mixed-ability pair work. • The Audio Cassettes accompany the book. The recorded material includes the classroom language, core vocabulary for pronunciation work, example dialogues as support for speaking activities, all listening activities, and the raps, chants, and songs. The accents used include different regional and social varieties of British, North American, Australian, and Irish English, as well as English used as an international language.