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ISBN: 9780141319810
Primrose, Cassian and Daisy Darling are still on board the Kleptomanic - but the ship is hit by a Rogue Flying Nanny and chaos ensues. The children are deprived of: Papa Darling (but do they really care?); the Engineer, who vanishes with the keys to the ship; and their liberty (quelle horreur!). To right these very wrong wrongs, they must take over the Nanny State of Nananagua and deal with the incredibly feeble Lost Children of Ciudad Olvidada, the pompous ex-President Real Banana, and whatever it is that lurks in Nananagua's green mountains. But the Darlings, of course, are not daunted in the least. They emerge triumphant, leaving Nananagua presidentless. Will Papa Darling become the country's new leader? Or Pete Fryer perhaps? Or maybe the Captain? It could be none of the above, but only time will tell, and the Darlings are sure to have something to do with it.