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ISBN: 9780130270016
Build state-of-the-art Qt graphical applications for Linux, UNIX, and Windows! Qt concepts, techniques, widgets, convenience classes, and extensions High-efficiency programming: object reuse, RAD techniques, internationalization, and more Coverage of Qt for Microsoft Windows (including Windows 2000): interfacing with Microsoft APIs, DDE, and more!! "In addition to being a mighty fine Qt hacker, Ward is also a very nice guy with a good sense of humor. I think that's a perfect combination for writing a book like this one."—Eirik Eng, President, Trolltech AS State-of-the-art graphical applications for Linux, UNIX, and Windows! For software developers, it's the holy grail: write one state-of-the-art graphical application that reaches all your key markets: Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Qt Programming for Linux and Windows shows experienced C++ programmers how to do just that, using the powerful new Qt toolkits-the same tools used to build the #1 Linux graphical user interface, KDE! Discover what you can do with Qt 2 Free Edition-and what requires TrollTech's Qt Professional License Master the Qt Toolkit and programming environment Understand Qt's signal/slot mechanism and framework for component-based development Review Qt's visual objects, convenience objects, and extensions Qt object reuse and internationalization techniques Incorporating Qt in Rapid Application Development processes Long-time Qt developer Patrick Ward provides exclusive, in-depth coverage of Qt programming in MicrosoftWindows environments: interfacing with Microsoft APIs, working with DDE servers and COM/DCOM, even Qt 2 development for Windows 2000. If you're ready to build great graphical applications, build them fast, and run them anywhere, one book will show you how: Qt Programming for Linux and Windows 2000! CD-ROM INCLUDED The accompanying CD-ROM contains the new Qt 2.1 Free Edition distribution, value-added Qt toolkit extensions, sample code, and more.