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ISBN: 9780099785316
Robert (Bob) Dylan dreams of a clean way of killing, leaving no harmful traces after the event. A whole raft of underworld hoods reckon that Bob's their man when they want to get rid of their enemies, and they simply won't believe Bob when he tells them that the only thing he wants to kill is cockroaches. Before long, Bob - out of work and penniless - is being offered huge sums of money to carry out assassinations. When his targets all die, Bob finds himself being chased by the Mob, the FBI, the CIA AND the world's top five assassins (who reckon he's doing them out of business). The only weapons Bob has at his disposal are the strain of assasin bugs he's developing, and the mean, deadly streets of New York itself. PEST CONTROL is a great comedy of errors, a gripping thriller and the most assured debut novel in years.