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ISBN: 9780099446835
Don't drive at night. Don't drive alone. And if you do break down, don't open the door to anyone. There's a killer on the roads masquerading as a breakdown rescuer who strikes without warning. Roaming the motorways looking for his next victim, even he doesn't know where and when his next murder will be. Andy, a young recruit to the traffic police, is determined to hunt the killer down, jeopardising his own career in the process. After the third victim is found, he believes he's seen something crucial - but his more senior partner won't believe him. Increasingly alienated from his colleagues, Andy becomes obsessed with finding the murderer. The Searcher is an outcast from society: Lonely and misunderstood, he unwittingly links Andy and the killer during his midnight searches of the motorway. As the police fail to find the killer and the murders continue, savage and unprovoked, Andy is determined to stop them. The action he takes brings all three together in a chilling finale. Praise for Outside the White Lines:'Chris Simms has created a completely new landscape of fear. Driving home on a dark night will never feel the same again.' Denise Mina, bestselling author of the Garnethill Trilogy and Sanctum.'One of the most promising debuts in crime for some time.' City Life, Manchester'Here is a new crime writer who really knows his stuff - a compulsive and compelling read.' Publishing News .