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ISBN: 9780099278368
Fen McCabe, just 28, has only ever been in love with one man. To her sisters' exasperation, he's a 19th-century sculptor called Julius Fetherstone. And as Fen starts a new job, dreaming of her hero and his missing masterpiece, her flatmates and family harbour a secret hope that she might just meet a living, breathing man instead. Matt Holden, turning 30, edits Art Matters magazine. Newly single, and determined to avoid commitment, he nevertheless finds himself rather attracted to Fen. James Caulfield, not quite 50, is forever fending off the advances of the women he gardens for in Derbyshire and forever fending off his bank manager. To improve his finances, he must sell his two small Fetherstones. And who better to advise than Fen McCabe? Is it possible to fall in love with two very different men at the same time? Sculpture, sexual attraction and severe indecision collide in Freya North's colourful and charming novel.