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ISBN: 9780071115919
New opening vignettes frame each chapter using real world situations, events, facts or problems. These are circumstances that managers of behavior, structure and processes face every day giving students a sense of relevancy. Because feedback received indicates work stress is a major individual factor in organizational behavior, a new chapter (7) has been added to the 12th Edition. The material is thoroughly researched and up-to-date, a hallmark of all chapters in Organizations. Because students respond to real world examples that support academic/research findings, increased real-world situations and examples are used to illustrate how the theory and research lessons can be applied in work settings. ¿Take it to the Net¿ exercises require students to perform a specific assignment on the Internet. Each assignment is associated with a theory, research finding, application, or topic in the particular chapter and assists students in their comprehension. Close-Up boxes, which number two per chapter, are a favorite of students and teachers. They show actual applications of the concepts and theories presented in the chapter. Whenever appropriate, these boxes are used to reflect the important issues of ethics, diversity, and international organizational behavior. The clear, understandable writing style makes complex research easy for students to understand and comprehend. A significant amount of new and current material on information technology, e-commerce, diversity, ethics, global management, organizational culture, teams, team building and total quality management has been added to keep up with the rapidly changing environment. PageOut is McGraw-Hill¿s unique point-and click course Website tool, enabling you to create a full-featured, professional quality course Website without knowing HTML coding. With PageOut you can post your syllabus online, assign McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center or eBook content, add links to important off-site resources, and maintain student results in the online grade book. You can send class announcements, copy your course site to share with colleagues, and upload original files. PageOut is free for every McGraw-Hill/Irwin user and, if your short on time, we even have a team ready to help you create your site! You can customize this text. McGraw-Hill/Primis Online's digital database offers you the flexibility to customize your course including material from the largest online collection of textbooks, re