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Paints and Vanishes for Vacuum Metalizing Coating

Paints and Vanishes for Vacuum Metalizing Coating
http://www. pvd-metallizer. com

Our company. is specialized in the research and development of varnishing and lacquering technique for PVD vacuum coating, in the promotion and application of PVD deposition technology. Up to now the company has successfully developed three categories of varnish curing methods such as self-curing under normal temperature, curing by heat and UV curing with nearly 200 different varnish or lacquering for vacuum base coating and top coating as well as related package products, which are extensively used in the wide fields of Christmas ornaments, toys, women's shoes, buttons, ceramics and resin crafts, building materials, wine packaging, cosmetics packaging, automobiles, motorcycles and mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and other consumer electronic products by the process of vacuum PVD deposition. By nature the company is a private technology enterprise integrated into social life with research & development, manufacture, sales and service

China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.

Alex Li
Mobile: +86 13929890858
Skype: vacuum-metallizer
Email: vacuumsale. hotmail. com
598828529. qq. com
Website: http://www. pvd-metallizer. com

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