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PVD Metallizer of DLC Coating

PVD Metallizer of DLC Coating

Production Description:

Creating Nano Diamond like carbon coating is one of the company's core technologies. The company has also developed the first self-promotion of the market and the successful manufacturing of diamond-like carbon film. The success of the intermediate film designed to overcome poor adhesion and stress caused by peeling off has received many patents, and its use for protection in a variety of molds, such as CDs, glasses molds and so on shows that the industry is highly positive about this innovative technology.
The launch of Creating Nano's diamond-like carbon coating systems will not just involve hardware sold separately, but will accompany the diamond-like carbon coating with the know-how upon release, assisting with the education and training of relevant personnel to address any problems of the manufacturing process; this is the so-called technology licensing or transfer.

Alex Li
Mobile: +86 13929890858
Wechat: metallizer
Skype: vacuum-metallizer
Email: vacuumsale. hotmail. com
Website: http://www. pvd-metallizer. com

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