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Vacuum plasma cleaner

Vacuum plasma cleaner

Vacuum plasma cleaning equipment has features as: high precision, fast response, easy manipulation and compatibility, perfect function and professional technical support. The details are as below:

A), It has a high handling uniformity;
B), With lower ionic energy, uable to damage the substrate;
C), Without contamination to electrode and substrate;
D), With patented design of special plasma electrodes;
E), With high density plasma source;
1), High plasma and cleaning efficiency.
2), Can control low ionic energy.
3), Can combine chemical reactivity and physical impact.
F), With fast processing speed, high cleaning efficiency and reliability.
G), With wide operating range.
H), A wide range of process gases can be used.
I), Fully automatic and easy to operate
J), The equipment is stable and easy to maintain.
K), Its design can be changed or modified according to customer’s requirements.

Application range: It is applicable for the industries of printed circuit board, semiconductor IC field, silicone, plastic, polymer field, automotive electronics as well as aviation, etc. the details are as following:
1, For printed circuit board industry: To activate the surface of high-frequency board, to clean the surface of multi-layer board, to decontaminate the surface of soft board and soft and hard combination panel, to activate soft panel before reinforcement, are within the capacity of the plasma cleaner.
2, In semiconductor IC field: In COB, COG, COF, ACF process for the routing or cleaning before welding, the plasma cleaner is applicable effectively.
3, In the production of silicone, plastic, polymer areas: The plasma cleaner is used for surface roughening, etching, activation, etc.

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