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Dedicated smtp server for sending mails. We also provide email marketing servers.

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Dedicated PLAN 5
• 2xQuad Core
• RAM: 64GB
• HDD: 2x4TB
• Dedicated IPs: 64
• Simple Integration with your application.
• Free Mailing Software (Optional).
• Setup rDNS, SPF, Domain Keys yourself.
• Create multiple addresses.
• Powermta/IP Rotation/Free Mailing Software/ Free Interspire Addons
• POP/IMAP connectivity for bounce processing
• Reliability and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!
• Send Unlimited Emails: 100000/hour
• Free support 24/7
• No long term contracts
$1000.00 USD Monthly
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Buenos Aires  (demanda, compra)   $ 1,000.00     065969898