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Sputtering line for AZO/ITO glass coating

Sputtering line for AZO/ITO glass coating

The sputtering line is available and applicable to the PVD deposition of transparent conductive films such as TN (titanium dioxide), STN (Super Twisted Nematic), TP (touch panel) and CF (color film), etc on glass substrates, such as resistive or capacitive screens, or coating front and back electrodes on thin film solar cell panels. It is extensively used in many industries with diverse coating functions.

The sputtering line can be designed and manufactured as per customer’s specific requirements and actual needs. For details, please contact Alex Li by below message:

China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.
Alex Li
Mobile: +86 13929890858
Wechat: metallizer
Skype: vacuum-metallizer
Email: vacuumsale. hotmail. com
598828529. qq. com
Website: http://www. pvd-metallizer. com

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