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Tilapia fillet exportation

Tilapia fillet exportation

We are an export company located in zhaoqing, Guangdong province in China specialized in exportation of frozen tilapia fillet, catfish fillet, fish meat ball and related aquatic products. Since established in 1995, we have been spending most of our resources in developing tilapia business including tilapia processing, farming, hatcheries and feeding.
We became the top tilapia product exporter in China with HACCP certificate.
Our market covers USA, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Russia, Middle East, Eastern African countries.
We are the exclusive company doing tilapia business in China with daily capacity of producing 70 metric tons of tilapia fillet, 30 metric tons of gutted and scaled fish and 20 metric tons of whole tilapia fish.
Our products:
1), Frozen Tilapia fillets:
Tilapia fillets regularly skinned; partially deep skinned; deeply skinned; skin-on scale-off fillets.
Packing condition: Bulk packed or individual vacuum packed, retail bag packed and tray packed.
2), Frozen gutted, Scaled and/or Gilled Tilapia Fish.
Packing condition: Bulk packed or individual package wrap packed and tray packed.
3), Frozen Whole Round Tilapia Fish.
Packing condition: Bulk packed or individual package wrap packed.

Zhaoqing Hesheng Import and Export Co. Ltd.
Alex Li
Tel: +86 758 2806393
Mobile: +86 13929890858
Email: 754203177. qq. com
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